Wanderings of My Mind

Random Words from the book "365 Things to Write About"


Today’s random word is bridge. I grew up in Edison, New Jersey, about thirty-five miles (or  an hour) southwest of New York City. So of course, my first thought when I saw … Continue reading

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Imaginary Friend

Today’s random topic is imaginary friend. I think it is normal for kids to have imaginary (or invisible friends). I know I did when I was younger. I named my imaginary … Continue reading

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Today’s random word is swing. I first thought of one of my recent posts, Porch, when I saw the word prompt. In the post, I wrote about how my dream … Continue reading

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Today’s random word is Pegasus. Of course this is the horse with wings from Greek Mythology, so it makes sense that I thought of the Disney animated movie Hercules first. … Continue reading

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